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7. - Anti trolls @ Berkeley

En gruppe NTNU-studenter som nå studerer ved Berkeley har laget film om trolling på nett.. Posted: 2011-02-28

2. - Holy Grenadine

Me and my friends put a homemade bomb inside an apple. In Norwegian, grenadine means granateple = grenade apple. Well, you get the picture . Posted: 2009-05-15

3. - Japanese popping competition

Music: The Drill - The Drill Video from a recent Japan trip; a "special guest" at a dance competition. She pretty much destroys everyone. As does the outfit. Lots of body work; the finale she shows herself to be disturbingly flexible. Japanese popping has grown largely isolated from now cliched western standard traditional moves, the show proved overall to be wildy creative, often to good effect (though sometimes to markedly terrible results). An interesting cultural lesson in divergent evolu. Posted: 2009-05-15

4. - Ukulele weeps

this guy is a god on a ukulele . Posted: 2009-05-15

5. - heisann

dette er sykt. Posted: 2011-02-26

6. - pissf

fdfdsfs. Posted: 2011-02-26